PRECISION: Right from the start

Products made by BBM ehrhardt GmbH

Already during the conception of new products our customers can be confident of having a competent production partner at their side: BBM. Extensive practical know-how, precision as well as reliability enable a productive workflow and a good co-operation: From the smallest to the largest machine, from the custom-built machinery up to the entire plant, right from the start.

Materials used by us:

  • Ordinary steel
  • Noble steel
  • Heat-resistant steel
  • Wear-resistant steel
  • as well as other materials upon request.

Our production process is characterised by top quality performance by both man and machine. Whichever competence you may desire: planning, conception or professional production - we will fulfil your individual requirements, with precision and reliability.

Within all its activities we always apply the latest technologies, integrative solutions and long-lasting concepts. At the same time the terms promptness, flexibility, innovation and customer-specific service are our top priority.

Look at our range of products. You haven’t found your desired product yet? Please contact us. We are certainly able to help you!

Products made by BBM ehrhardt GmbH:

  • Shut-off devices
    Gate valve, flap valve, rotary feeder
  • conveying equipment
    discharge batch conveyor, container tilting device, brush conveyor, container conveyor, container converter, double shell valve, flow regulating shell valve, elevating platform, elevator, transport trolley
  • belt conveyors
    stacker conveyor belt, discharge conveyor belt, belt discharge loop (moveable), intermediate belt discharge station, bow conveyor belt, dosing conveyor belt, wire conveyor belt, assembly line conveyor belt, belt pocket conveyor, V-belt conveyor belt, curved conveyor belt, reversible conveyor belt, tube conveyor belt, bag transport belt (horizontal / vertical), bag loading conveyor belt, centifugal conveyor belt, movable conveyor belt, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor
  • bucket elevators
    belt elevator, chain elevator, elevator with new type of central chain, dewatering bucket elevator, pendulum bucket elevator, inclined bucket elevator
  • Double-shaft mixer
  • Belt conveyors for bulk materials
    Troughed chain conveyor, stud bolt chain conveyor, Troughed belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor of profile steel construction and pipe construction, wire belt conveyor and conveyor bridges
  • chain conveyors
    plug-in chain conveyor, box cell conveyor belt, chain scraper, hinge plate conveyor belt, steel cell conveyor belt, trough chain conveyor for transport of plates, trough chain conveyor (turnable for transport of plates / elevating platform for transport of plates)
  • pneumatic conveyors
    pneumatic trough conveyor, pneumatic trough conveyor (bend / distribution head / divestes / flow regulating), silo discharge trough conveyor
  • bag and unit transport conveying systems
    weight- and motor power-driven roller conveyor
  • bag and unit load conveying systems
    lorry loading machine and railway car loading machine
  • screw conveyors
    pipe screw conveyor, trough screw conveyor, drainage screw conveyor, plug-in sampler, vertical screw conveyor, discharge screw, belt screw, moistening screw, dosing screw, double screw, pressure shock proof screw conveyor, filter screw conveyor, hot screw, cool screw conveyor, mixing screw, pressing screw conveyor, sword-shaped paddle scrubber, separating screening screw conveyor, silo plug-in screw, silo pull-off screw, spiral screw conveyor (curving), crushing reduction screw conveyor
  • Bulk material loading
  • Bulk material divestes devices
    Dosing chutes, flapes and chutes
  • rotary airlocks (feeders)
    pressure shock-proof rotary airlock, pneumatic rotary airlock, double rotary airlock, coasse feed rotary airlock, vertical double rotary airlock, clear wheel lock