Belt and Chain Conveyors

Belt Conveyors


Belt conveyors by BBM ehrhardt GmbH can be effectively used even for larger quantities and longer distances (several hundred metres and more).

For belt conveyors with a steep incline grouser chains or corrugated edge chain conveyors are used. If a variable conveyor head is necessary, a hopper car is recommended, which can discharge on one or both sides at variable points.







Gentle transportation, low wear, however with limited suitability for
dustlike materials.




troughed-belt-conveyor-with-substructure silo-pull-off-srew-with-operation-on-a-troughed-belt-conveyor operation-troughed-belt-conveyor


Chain Conveyors


Troughed chain conveyors by BBM can be designed in different inclines, e.g. horizontal, vertical or diagonal and this in a line direction.
The benefit lies in the little space required and a high conveying capacity at the same time.

Almost every non-sticking material can be transported.

Conveyance is dustfree and eco-friendly. A gastight design is also possible.

Scraping chain conveyors are ideal for transporting large quantities of coarse wood chips or wood shavings.

Due to the straightforward design a smooth operation is assured.


Please contact us. We will develop a tailor-made solution for your company.