Bucket Elevators as construction of belt bucket elevators and construction of chain elevators

BBM ehrhardt GmbH produces bucket elevators for the efficient vertical conveyance of bulk materials.



As our bucket elevators offer universal and efficient applications, their importance is increasing constantly, as they adapt easily to any given operating conditions.

Conveyor string chains by BBM represent the most valuable and essential element of the bucket conveyors. In this context we present our
central chain bucket elevators


These bucket elevators by BBM ehrhardt GmbH contain a maintenance-free grease- or oil-lubricated joint pin-chain with special gaskets.


BBM guarantees almost maintenance-free operation times with medium abrasivity of an HZBW:


  • Up to max. 72 000 hours of operation at 90°C material temperature.
  • Up to max. 16 000 hours of operation at 600°C material temperature.


In an HZBW the buckets are fastened to large buffer compensators, which take up the forces and forward them into the chain.



Benefits of the HZBW by BBM ehrhardt GmbH:

  • High conveying capacity of max. 2160m³/h
  • Large distances of max. 105 m between axles
  • Small housing dimensions
  • High tensile strength of the chain
  • Low stress to joints
  • 7 chain sizes are available ( 54t – 590t rupture load)
  • Variable spacing between buckets is possible
  • Differentiable conveying capacity

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