Bucket Elevators as construction of belt bucket elevators and construction of chain elevators

BBM ehrhardt GmbH produces bucket elevators for the efficient vertical conveyance of bulk materials

A bucket elevator is used for the vertical conveyance of bulk goods. The elevator, as the bucket elevator is also called, is a carrier. The V-shaped containers (buckets) made of steel are attached to a double or central chain strand, an articulated chain or on a belt (belt bucket elevator). The bucket elevators from BBM Ehrhardt GmbH contain a maintenance-free grease or oil-lubricated hinge pin chain with special seals. Since our bucket elevators offer universal and economical applications, they are enjoying growing importance with regard to their use. The constructive adaptability to given operating conditions also speaks for this.

We offer:

  • Continuous conveyor according to individual specifications
  • All from a single source
  • Customized solutions

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In the following overview we present the most important bucket elevators that are produced at BBM.

Chain bucket elevators – vertical bulk transport at high temperatures

Bucket elevators, sometimes just called elevators, are a reliable, tried-and-tested system for the vertical transport of bulk goods. And unlike belt-operated models, chain bucket elevators are also suitable for conveying goods at high temperatures, even up to several hundred degrees Celsius. Using chains and containers made of high-quality steel, extremely hot bulk goods can be conveyed in these types of elevator without a problem. Such equipment is versatile and can be individually configured to meet the requirements of your company and the goods you wish to transport. Mechanisms can be created in variable lengths and with different operational speeds. With careful planning, we can devise an optimal solution to match the needs of any company.

Elevators – robust, heat-resistant and durable

Chain bucket elevators can be designed for use at high temperatures, which can mean operating at up to 400-600 degrees Celsius. To consistently achieve this performance – even under difficult conditions – the steel used for the chains is both robust and heat-resistant. And the high-quality steel used for these elevators is also very durable, which means the machinery will operate efficiently for an extended period of time, even when conveying high-temperature materials. Furthermore, the high-quality chains used in these chain bucket elevators means this equipment is never maintenance-intensive.

As well as providing maintenance, we can also plan and install bucket elevators, which can be individually adapted to meet the needs of your business. For example, the bucket width, elevator height and the operational speed can all be adjusted according to your specifications. And, of course, when designing chain bucket elevators we also take into account the type of goods and operating temperatures, because this is the only way to create a bucket elevator perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

Belt bucket elevators – high-capacity conveyance of a wide variety of goods

Belt bucket elevators have long been a tried-and-tested means of rapid and quiet vertical transport of all kinds of goods. These mechanisms can be used in a variety of ways to convey raw materials and other products. These are used extensively in the feed and chemical industries, as well as in other industrial sectors. This equipment can achieve high delivery rates, and can be configured according to the needs and circumstances of each individual customer.

For example, both the discharge height and conveying capacity can be individually adjusted to optimally adapt a belt bucket elevator to your specific operating conditions. It is also possible to create designs in various different shapes and materials, which makes careful planning and advice an important pre-requisite before commissioning any bucket elevator. BBM expertise is at your disposal, and we will work alongside you offering advice and assistance from the initial planning right through to the commissioning of the machinery.

Belt bucket elevators direct from the manufacturer – powerful, low-noise machinery

Compared to many other industrial systems, belt-operated bucket elevators are very quiet. They can thus be installed inside buildings without any problems. And because they are hard wearing and offer high-capacity conveyance, they have enjoyed great popularity across many industries for decades.

At BBM ehrhardt GmbH – your bespoke belt bucket elevator manufacturer – we are happy to advise and help you find out whether this type of factory elevator would be suitable for your company. Working alongside you we can help find the best possible solution to optimise your company processes for the conveyance of all kinds of goods. For example, where you need to transport high-temperature goods, we would recommend chain-driven bucket elevators rather than a conventional belt-operated system. And, of course, we can also supply such systems.

Central-chain bucket elevators – high-quality models from BBM

Central-chain bucket elevators are a high-quality option for the vertical transport of bulk goods. Unlike standard chain-driven bucket elevators, they use a single central chain to effect the transport of material. BBM’s conveyor chains are made from high-quality steel and consist of an oil or grease-lubricated pin-joint chain which is almost maintenance-free. And to ensure extra durability, the chain is also equipped with special gasket seals. Even when operating in temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, this system only rarely needs servicing. The extreme heat-resistant qualities of a central-chain bucket elevator means this equipment can be used in industrial sectors well beyond the limits of standard bucket elevators and similar elevator equipment. BBM model elevators are also designed for high-capacity conveying.

BBM’s conveyor rope chains represent an invaluable design feature in the evolution of the bucket elevators. So, in this context, we are justly proud to present our central-chain bucket elevators (HZBW).

BBM high-performance central-chain bucket elevator (HZBW)

A BBM high-performance central-chain bucket elevator (HZBW) will guarantee you almost maintenance-free operation with medium abrasion:

  • up to a maximum of 72,000 operating hours at 90 ° C material temperature
  • up to a maximum of 16,000 operating hours at 600 ° C material temperature

With the HZBW, the buckets are attached to large buffer compensators which absorb the forces and transfer them onward into the chain.

Central Chain with Buckets 1000er

Benefits of the BBM ehrhardt GmbH HZBW:

high-capacity conveyance to a max. of 2160m³/h

large centre axis distances of up to 105 m

small housing dimensions

high-tensile chain strength

low joint stress

7 chain sizes available (54t – 590t breaking strain)

adjustable spacing between buckets

differentiable conveying capacity

Different versions of our central-chain elevators according to customer requirements

The size and operational performance of any central chain bucket elevator can be tailored according to your specifications and company requirements. We would be happy to advise you on the optimal chain conveyor installation for your business. Our chain conveyor is available in seven different sizes, so you can choose an elevator which is perfectly adapted to your production needs.

We will also work alongside you to find the optimal link-chain or central-chain solution which offers you the optimal discharge height and/or delivery capacity. Every company is unique, so individual advice and planning will always play an important part in the smooth operation of your future plant installation.

In addition to planning and installing your central-chain bucket elevator system, we can also take care of the regular maintenance of the elevators and chain conveyors you use. Thus, we build up a close, trustful relationship our customers can rely on. Please get in touch and we will be happy to advise on the right elevator to convey your goods. We will work with you to find the right solution to meet the requirements of your business.

Please contact us. We will develop a tailor-made solution for your company.