Conveyor belts – purchase reliable and economic transport systems

BBM ehrhardt GmbH can supply a range of conveyor belts

Buying a conveyor belt can be worthwhile business investment. Conveyor belts from BBM ehrhardt GmbH offer many advantages, are very easy to maintain, and also save energy. Using a conveyor belt ensures an even transport of goods to be processed along a horizontal plane. There are many different models, and thus a broad range of possible applications. Standard belt conveyors are much in demand, but stockpile conveyors, trough belt conveyors and flat belt conveyors are also industry essentials.

Our specifications can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements: We can offer belts of different lengths and operational speeds, as well as belts in various materials – for example rubber belts. BBM ehrhardt GmbH can not only undertake the design and manufacture of conveyor belt, but also carry out repair, maintenance and inspections. We are keen to offer comprehensive advice before starting any project, so we can provide an optimal result which meets the customer’s expectations.

Versatile applications – trough belt conveyors, flat belt conveyors and stockpile conveyors

We can supply a complete range of conveyor belts in many different versions for use in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of whether you are in the commercial sector, or in mining above and below ground, our proven and reliable belt systems will give decades of service, and are not prone to malfunction. Belt lengths are variable and can be easily adapted to meet the demands of your business. And longer distances from 50 to 100 metres can also be accommodated. The same applies to belt speed which can likewise be individually calibrated to customer specifications. We can also supply reversing belts if you need to convey goods in two directions.

Conveyor belts are also well suited to transporting a broad range of products and substances. Belt conveyors have an important role in such tasks. For example, stones and other bulk goods can be conveniently transported by this method. The composition of the belt can also be adapted to suit the nature of the goods you wish to transport – for instance, a rubber conveyor belt could be used to keep fragile products safe.

Other important conveyor belts with particular applications include the trough belt conveyor (MFG), the flat belt conveyor and the stockpile conveyor, which can all be adapted for different types of goods. It is also possible to set and adjust the discharge function – our models can discharge on both sides, or on just one side. Many companies find such belt versatility absolutely indispensable. You are more than welcome to contact us so we can help you find the right conveyor belt for your company’s needs.

Types of conveyor belt

Minimal wear and tear and low energy consumption using conveyor belts

Another advantage of conveyor belts such as stockpile belts and trough belt or flat belt conveyors is the low maintenance costs. Because this equipment needs little servicing, regular maintenance costs are always low. And in addition, their low energy requirements mean they are also economical and can thus be used for long periods. Even with larger quantities of materials and faster operational speeds, their energy consumption remains modest. These belts therefore offer both durability and low maintenance costs, which make them an attractive option for any business from a cost efficiency perspective.

Advance planning is crucial when buying a conveyor belt

Thanks to our many years of experience, BBM ehrhardt GmbH can also offer you advice about the purchase and installation of a conveyor belt. Advance planning is very important in such circumstances and will ensure your belt is optimised to meet your particular needs and expectations. This immediately raises questions about the type of belt transport required, whether this should be a rubber belt, strap belt etc. In order to guarantee efficient operation of the belt, BBM ehrhardt GmbH need to gather precise information about the intended use of your conveyor belt. As well as information about the local context, we would also need to factor in details of the type of goods to be transported and the particular company goals you wish to achieve.

We will provide you with detailed information about different types of conveyor belts, including stockpile belts, flat belt conveyors and trough belt conveyors. As well as our advice and installation service, we also provide ongoing maintenance. So you won’t have anything to worry about. At BBM ehrhardt GmbH, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.