Screw Conveyors

The BBM ehrhardt GmbH screw conveyors in their basic version are supplied with a sealed stuffing box and external roller bearings. Any desired drives can be connected to them, as requested. Even gas-tight and pressure-tight versions are possible.


The conveying capacity ranges from some few litres/h up to 1400m3/h and more. The length of the construction is variable, depending on the specification. Without a central shaft continuous spirals of up to 14m length are available without any problems. With a central shaft lengths of 30m and more are possible.

Moistening screws are used for the transportation, for mixing and for moistening of the materials to be conveyed. If the mixed, moistened material has a tendency to stick, a double screw version is strongly recommended. Due to its combing design a self-cleaning effect is achieved. A special field of application is the dustfree loading of loose ashes into rack body trucks.


Troughed screw conveyors

Troughed screw conveyors:

Transportation of material over inclines of up to 30°.

Tubular screw conveyors

Tubular screw conveyors:

Steep screw conveyors for the transportation of materials at an angle of > 30° and as a rate feeder screw.

Double shaft mixer

Paddle mixer with humidification system

Mixing screws

Vertical snails Dosing screw conveyor Sand washing and drainage screw
V-troughed screw conveyors

V-troughed screw conveyors:

For use under dust filters and as bin discharging screw, double screws and shaftless screw conveyors.



BBM ehrhardt GmbH fabricate sampler screw conveyors, too.

Trigger screws Twin screw conveyor Silo plug-in screws Paddle screw

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